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This post I’ll write in english, so everyone can understand. It’s so fun to see and hear that you foreign readers like my english version of the blog!

I want to tell you where to find me and my blog out there in cyberspace, I love to share a lot – from my blog, from other bloggers, inspiration and some glimt of my everyday life. So here we go;

  • Get it all; last blog posts, inspiration pictures, links to other great blogs, giveaways and so on. Get it all right in your facebook timeline, you just have follow the blog on FACEBOOK.

  • Get the everyday glimts; pictures from my iPhone and Canon 7D, from my everyday life and some inspiration pictures. I’m in l o v e with instagram! Search for noepahjertet, and follow me on INSTAGRAM.

  • What’s inspire me; see my inspiration boards and share the love. Follow me on PINTEREST.
  • Short and quick; last updates, and some glimts from instagram. Follow my TWEETS.
  • Last updates; read the last blog posts, follow me on BLOGLOVIN.
So, here you have my accounts and links. Thanks to everyone who follow me and gives me and the blog so much love. The greatest thing about blogging, is when a reader says that I’m an inspiration – and love to read what I write.
♥ T h a n k y o u !


  1. Monsterscircus Oct 19, 2012

    Wow your blog is amazing, just love you style, so clean simple and personal! I’ll be a loal follower from now!

    • Jorid // Oct 19, 2012

      Hi there!

      Thank you so much, for your kind words! :-) Welcome!

      Have a nice weekend!

      Love, Jorid


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