We’re getting there!


Huset tar form i en forykende fart og på byggebloggen kan du se flere bilder og hva jeg har å fortelle om vinduene som er kommet på plass!

+ We’re getting there with our new house, and today you can see more pictures about the windows that the carpenters have got in place on our building blog


  1. Katerina Feb 06, 2014

    Looks amazing already !! :) I Can’t wait to see it finished although from what I’ve seen so far it will be great :)


    • Jorid Kvam Feb 10, 2014

      I know, it’s so great to see everything now!! :)

      Have a nice week! :-*

  2. Flor (Nordic Days) Feb 07, 2014

    Wooo that’s a LOT of progress in a short amount of time! :) Hope it will be ready soon :)

    • Jorid Kvam Feb 10, 2014

      Yes, I know – the carpenters has been so effective. Now the work starts inside, and we’re doing it ;)

      Have a nice week!


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