VIPP Shelter

“There is plenty of amazing architecture out there, but we wanted to conceive something different rooted in who we are. So we used our 75 years of experience with steel processing to craft escape in the form of a prefabricated object designed down to last detail, where the only choise left to the costumer, is where to put it.”

– Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer Vipp.

large-bath01 large-bath02 vipp_22106_v3_549300a6e087c353ac2e183d large_photo_kitchen vipp_shelter_glass_open_house_emmas_designblogg_5492ff932a6b227f2acd0477 Vipp-Shelter-3
This is amazing, spectacular and something only Vipp could do. The Vipp shelter, is a perfect mix with Vipp designs all in a little box.

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